Everton vs. Arsenal

This week in the Beersi Brewing League we see Everton host Arsenal, who have just ended an embarrassingly long period without a trophy with last season’s FA cup win over Hull City. Everton are the only Premier League team to have an alcoholic sponsor on their shirt, so they’ll have Chang Lager fighting their corner. Arsenal, who now reside on a bed of lies in North London, were originally formed 12 miles south in Woolwich, and so have the wonderful Hop Stuff brewery as their representative.

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West Ham vs. Tottenham

For the opening Premier League fixture of the Beersi Brewing League we have the Hammers hosting revenge hungry Spurs at Upton Park. In the claret and blue corner we have the East London Brewery, and on the North London side we have the Beavertown Brewery, who have just recently relocated a mere 2 miles from White Hart Lane.

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Millwall vs. Leeds United

The 2014 Beersi Brewing League starts on the opening weekend of the Championship, with Millwall FC hosting Leeds United. For the South London based Millwall, we have Kernel Brewery representing, and out of West Yorkshire we have the fantastic Saltaire Brewery.

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Beersi in Ibiza


Within an hour of landing in Ibiza I was on a beach drinking Estrella, freshly poured from the beach hut behind me that had space for just one glistening pump. Not long after my second or third glass I started planning my migration to this wonderful island, with the ambition of starting the Balearic craft beer revolution all by myself. This had nothing to do with me not enjoying the constant stream of ice cold Estrella, I was just certain I’d found a gap in the market.

Unfortunately I hadn’t, and someone was a few steps ahead of me, so I had to put my lager down and check out the competition.

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Coolest Cooler

Ice cold beers are hard to come by on those days spent in the park drinking tinnies from One Stop, unless you’re lucky enough to be in possession of a beer cooler that is. Even if that is the case though, I’m sure you still find yourself pining for a few frozen margaritas and no way to get them.

The answer to your problems may be closer than you think, with the Coolest beer cooler far surpassing its original kickstarter target of $50k. The Coolest includes solutions to all of the above problems, as well as a built in waterproof Bluetooth speaker, bottle opener, and integrated storage for plates and knives.

Find out more and pledge your allegiance here

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